Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Board

The most amazing thing has happened - my A Board has turned up

It was stolen months ago and the other day a young chap came intot he shop and said it has been thrown over his fence into his garden and did I want it back?


Can't tell you how thrilled I am to have it back again.

So here it is - in all it's glory - back at the bottom of the ally

It's obviously been kept under cover - there is no damage at all - if only it could talk!


Monday, 26 January 2015

Day Off

Monday is kitten's day off

It's been a total nightmare - but the move is now complete.  The last of the workmen has been and finished the job - and put right the blunders!   I need to get a new unit to replace Ben's that I borrowed - that should be in the week sometime but it's not a biggie.

I really am having a proper day off today - I need it - tomorrow I will be back and starting to function normally.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Shop move

Need I say more!!!

I  am here if you want me - the loose basket of yarn is reduced to £1 A BALL to clear it as it was left in the shop while the builders were working (no comment)  :-(

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

back to work

Right chaps - big meeting have been going on - I will be back at the shop from tomorrow.  I won't be able to trade properly - there is tons of repairs to finish - cleaning to do - and stock to sort out - but I will be there if you need me.

I had better get back - I have just picked up loads of goodies from the Dovecraft Fun Fair range - big bright colours - so much fun

I treated myself to a couple more Gelatos colour packs - Craft Obsessions have got them 20% off - then another 10% - can't resist that one.

I also picked up simple Homemade mag and Simple Cards and Paper craft mag with free feather die cut on one and matching stamp set and stencil on the other - I have been looking for a feather set for ages.

If I don't get back to work quick - I will spend all the Christmas profits!!!


Monday, 19 January 2015


I am not quite sure what today is - but after the week I have had - I am hiding and never coming out!


Monday, 12 January 2015

Day Off ((?))

Monday is kitten's day off

and I have sooo much to do if we are going to move this week


Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Book Style for you

This is a formula to make a book from one sheet of card- just with a few folds and a simple cut.  It's a formula that will work on any shape or size card so you don;'t have any fiddly measurements to get right.

Start with either an A4 sheet of card or a 12" square (this is a 12" square)

Score down the centre
turn card top to side and score in the centre of the card - then in the centre of each side to create 4 equal sections

Now cut down the single centre - between the 2 middle panels to create a gap in the middle
fold along all of the crease lines really well to create the book pages
you will be pushing out the centre crease of the gap you made
add some double sided tape on the sides indicated - you can place the tape along the sides/edges of the panels for a better stick - I just wanted to show you the panels you need to add the tape to
fold along the centre line and secure the book in half
then secure the centre pages to create a star shape

Fold your star into the completed book shape - give the card a good old 'wriggle' to make the pages sit well together
Now you can decorate you r book as you wish - the smaller one is made from an A4 sheet of card.

PS - I do trim the page edges to neaten them if the centre fold sticks out a bit.

Dead easy - love it!


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Kitten's new shop

Right chaps - the big news is - I may be back in my shop at the end of next week. 

Don't ask me how - it still looks like a building site to me.

Latest photos - my beautiful new ceiling it is being plastered now and has loads of insulated board (there are about 3 layers in some places because it was so uneven.  They have covered in the new beam and all the construction work and it looks beautiful.

the passage way ceiling has also been covered - I so miss my 'wall of wool' can't wait to get it back (spent a huge amount at Simon's yesterday - it will be good to have somewhere to put it all!).  You can see that all the wall details have been left - which is fantastic.

oh - and - Darren - the man who CAN!!!!!!

They are going to give it a coat of paint for me - and do the bit of fixing I need - which is great for the old goad because he is still up to his eyes with the big animation project.

I am so looking forward to getting my spot beck - it's going to be such a great 'making' year.  Might even try to find myself a design place somewhere.


Friday, 2 January 2015

Back to work

Happy New Year to all

I have had a wonderful break - really restful - and now I am itching to get back into the swing of it all.  Thank you to all for the Christmas and birthday cards - and all the lovely goodies - especially from Henry - who has been really spoilt!

Today and tomorrow I shall be concentrating on getting the sale under-way and the website stock levels up to date.

So we have 20% off all things Christmas themed - that included all the Fatcat and Mouseloft Christmas kits and the Posh Dog bandannas.  That is both in the shop and on line.

There is also a HALF PRICE Christmas section - that is in the shop only as I can keep adding bits as I find them.

Remember that this is for January ONLY.  After that Christmas is gone - packed away from the shop.

Then next week we will be starting to concentrate on all your knitting and crochet needs.  January and February are the big knitting months - just what you need to keep you snug on these long winter evenings.

Right - let's get on with it then!


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My poor little shop

I can't say work is progressing quickly - hey it's Christmas and I am warm and snug in my temporary spot so they can take their time and make it really, really smart.  I popped into Homebase and tried to get my teal paint colour mixed.  The chap was very polite - but -  can't be done madam - ?????? - new system - reduced colour choice - can't handle anything outside of the standard colour sample slips - just reverts to set colours - new system is total rubbish - you can have a sample of scanned colour (at £3.50) - but it won't match - ??? - WOT - I must have been a picture standing there a-gape - emailed dulux - can't believe that's for real.  I have had loads of colours mixed from the wierdest objects.

So - this is the roof being covered - don't know if they put in any insulation - but the panels are so itty bitty the plaster is going to have fun!  See where they have built supports for the old joist?

And this - - - this is my kitchen / back room!!!!!!!!

You can almost see a sink!!!!!

I will never again complain that I have made a mess!!!!!



Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas canvas

My best fave blog of all time at the moment is My Little Craft Things - I just love her style - it's so me and I am taking on board all her tips and ideas.

I thought I would make my hubby a canvas for Christmas instead of a card and took one of her images as inspiration - I think I liked the charm really ;-)

The goat likes sparkly things and I had some red glitter covered sprigs and I wanted to use one of them as the centre piece.

Here is my version - with loads of layers and bits added.

There are loads of added bits and bobs round the stem - it's even got bells on

There are a few other of her friends blogs that are also totally awesome and I am going to be having a go at other projects in a similar vein - so I will let you know as I go along and you can join in.  I just wish I could get hold of some of the chipboard supplies that are used.


Saturday, 27 December 2014

Nutcracker card

Hi to you all and I hope you had a lovely Christmas.  I had a very peaceful day and now I am catching up on some much needed rest.  I have to admit that I was getting desperate for a break - 6 day weeks are just too much for me.  I am off now until after New Year's Day - and I am loving every minute - just playing my game, watching the telly, doing a bit of crochet, and chilling out.

I thought I would show you the card I made for my son.  It's a collage using a fab image of the Nutcracker soldier that I found on All About The Paper.  It's not quite the same as I 'lost' the teeth and beard in the colouring.  Why do they have those - the teeth are so scary for little ones!!!! 

Here is the finished piece

And lots of details - the flower group.  All sorts of things piled up over a postcard image - there are 2 die cut snowflakes - a bell, wire spirals - for once no lace and very little ribbon - didn't think he would appreciate it!

The image is coloured with Copics - it's ages since I did some proper colouring

And there are loads of layers to him

The background swirl is a great technique.  You die cut some double sided adhesive - peel and stick one side to your project - then peel the other side and cover with glitter.  It's quite fiddly - and  you can only do this if your surface is smooth and flat - but it looks so cool!

The die I used is a Memory Box from last year -not all that keen on Memory Box dies really - they are too fussy and the 'cutting' edge is not deep enough to cut all the detail cleanly - but this one is pretty.

It took me all day messing about - great fun.


Monday, 15 December 2014

Building work

Just look what they are doing to my poor little shop!!!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

my Christmas card this year

T finished article - trees stamped in Memento Nautical Blue - sky  Jenni Bowlin Spice Tin - you can't see the glitter on the trees.   The greeting is a Crafty Individuals one and I have put a tiny gem in the centre of the snowflake.  The top panel is matted onto either silver or blue and the ribbon wrapped round both.  Everything is flat - so I should be fine for normal post


Saturday, 6 December 2014

Small Business Saturday


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Mini Magazine Holder

I actually made something!!!!!

I had a fairly quiet afternoon yesterday so I just started fiddling.  This is from a splitcoasters tutorial - Mini Magazine Holder.

The instructions are not very clear - she uses black card on a black table -  and she has a black jumper on!  but you can muddle if you use both the video and the text instructions.

There was no thought or planning - I just used what ever  was to hand.

I do like Splitcoaster for ideas.

Right - back to the wedding after Christmas


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas journal

Here is my final verse page.

The background page was a 'puddings' one - lovely rich reds and greens.  I have dabbed over it with red and green and a bit of gold just to break up the background plain brown a bit.

I am really please with the final effect - it looks really rich and ripe.


Monday, 1 December 2014

Day off - Christmas opening

Monday is NOT kitten's day off
through December the shop is open on mondays

BUT that means we get to play craft for an extra day yippie

come and play with us for an extra day and pick up all your crafty stuff